Thursday, 17 January 2008

A PhD in my opinion

What is a PhD?
Now it has been almost 2 and half year that I'm doing a PhD, maybe I can say one thing or two about it.

In one phrase, a PhD is passion for research.

You have to love to investigate things that no one has investigated before: this is exciting, but also very difficult. No one can really help you, because the expert in this new field is YOU!

You have to dig thoroughly into literally hundreds and hundreds of articles, reports, books and so feel lost most of the time. And when you found an interesting article, sometimes it is written in Japanese, or you can read only the abstract, or you can almost have it but you cannot. At the very least, when you obtain that "holy grail" article, you realize that your mini-library of references grows exponentially but your knowledge does not. Apparently.

People admire you, but the people that can understand your work do not want listen to, and people that want to listen to cannot understand. Many times you would give up and you ask yourself:" Why I'm not doing a work?"

In some case, like my case, you have to live abroad, to learn to cook, wash, clean, wipe, ... you become a homemaker-researcher!

All this seems an insurmountable amount of problems, but I'm very happy.
I'm happy because the passion for research helps you ride over all the difficulties.

And when you bring your article, that little piece of your work, written by you, hard-fought, hard-won, to a conference, you will show it like it would be your own child. You will be so proud of it that you forgot every difficulty.

A PhD is to go where no one has gone before.

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